Businesses can build their rewards program with varying point values for any free treats they want to offer: free birthday surprises, appetizers or even free meal rewards. Customers can earn loyalty points in several ways as listed below.

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Participating restaurants offer points for – facebook page likes – facebook shares – Tweets – Retweets – Pinterest shares – Youtube subscribers – Youtube likes – Google+ shares and follows ect. Points earned vary and are decided by the restaurant itself. Typically you will earn between 1 – 5 points for this service.

More points can be earned by reviewing restaurants with the likes of Facebook pages and Google Pages ect. Again the points are decided by the participating restaurants and are only given when the review appears on the particular site. Typically you will earn between 10 – 100 points for this service.



Points can also be earned on the Dead Cool website. Every booking you make through the site will earn you 100 points. Every share on social media will earn you 1 point. Every comment will earn you 10 points. Every review will earn you 10 points. Every new user referral will earn you 10 points. Every restaurant you recommend who sign up to the program will earn you 10 points. Every affiliate link you click will earn you 1 point. Every affiliate who joins our program plus the referrer will earn 10 points.